Great White

Photography from Johnny White

Anonymous asked: What's good advice to safely meet other local photographers Especially if you are younger(like 17)

That’s actually a really good question. Definitely safety first ha!
I have the same rule for meetin new photographers as I do with meeting new clients. Always try and meet in a popular area, and try your best to know who they are. If you feel weird about it, bring a friend and just say its someone you wanted to practice some techniques on. ;)
I also found that there are a ton of local photography groups that have regular meet-ups( that’s how I met a lot of the photographers that I now today)  

Anonymous asked: This isn't a question, but you're pretty much perfect. Xoxo

ha I’m far from it, but thank you!



aarongraym asked: Not a question, but you should quit radioshack and do photography for a living once that's financially possible. You got an eye for it, and the progression, from the first posted pictures on this tumblr to the most recent ones, is amazing.

Dude you rock! I would love to do photography full time, I guess i’m just deciding if I really want to or not.

Anthony Guana

justmyteaparty-deactivated20130 asked: post photos more often! your photos are too beautiful not to post!

you rock. and I would but I honestly havent touched my camera in a while :/ but I just shot a starwars and Dr. Who themed engagement photos so hopefully those will be up soon.

You should give some ideas on what to shoot.

Anonymous asked: How did you start off, then get to where you are? Any tips on editing or getting to meet other local photographers?

I literally decided one day that I wanted to give it a try. I love art and I figured I would really enjoy myself. I did a little research as to what camera and brand to go with and then went out and bought my camera a week later(the last week in December of 2011) That camera was pretty much glued to me for the first month of two. I got lucky I guess because I started getting offers to do shoots within the first month. I started tackling bigger projects and getting in good relationships with other photogs that were already well established in their art. 

the best advice I can give to you is:
1. Just shoot, don’t worry about what other people say about your work. It’s yours, not theirs.
2. Shoot because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to. the moment photography becomes more of a job and less of a passion I know I need to get out.
3.Criticism is your best friend. take what other people have to say to mind.(not to heart) remember that when you are new to something you are going to have a lot of criticism and negativity thrown your way
4. Make tons of photog friends. Surround yourself with better shooters than yourself. If you’re the best in your group than you have a problem.
5. Don’t ever undervalue your work as a photographer. If you feel that your times is worth a certain amount of money that charge that much. No sense in shooting 20 times in one month when you could have charged what you felt you deserve and make the same amount in 2 shoots.
6.Become a social networking whore(excuse my term). about 60% of all my clients find me through social networking sites via: Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. use what is already available to your advantage.
7. and last, treat all your customers like family, the other 40% of my cliental comes from word of mouth. if they have a bad experience you can forget about them telling their friends and family about you.

Hope this helped. if not, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to answer whatever I missed.